Fiendies Spirit Boards & Planchettes Live On!

We are very excited to annouce that we have partnered up with Pandora Witch Shop. A fellow independently owned Spirit Board manufacturer and occult design company hailing from Ukraine. The boards will continue to be hand made, and your purchase will still be supporting both small business creative companies.

Spirit Boards

All of our Original Fiendies Designs like Lunar Filigree, Illuminate, Anient Alchemy plus our Halloween Editions and a few previously unreleased designs are available in New & Old Colorways on their webstore!

Pendulum Boards

Our Classic Moon Phase Pendulum Board Design is available along with a previously unrealsed Runic Pendulum Board Design.

Halloween Editions

All our our Halloween Edition Spirit Boards such as Darker Hallows, Arcane Arachnid and Halloween Scream are now available year round!