Hello Everyone-

This has been a tough decision and it is with a heavy heart that we have
to announce that this is the end of Fiendies.

What started as an art school project has grown into something we
couldn’t image.

Fiendies has always been run by pretty much just 2 people myself
(Nicole) and my life partner of 10+ years (Kyle).  I know we didn’t
share ourselves on here but we want you to know that each one of you
means so much to us, seeing your posts and all the repeat customers
names come through we see you and appreciate you every single time.
Without you this wouldn’t have been possible.

We have always tried to keep things professional and not share all the
drama behind the scenes but we wanted to be honest and share with you
why this project is coming to an end.

1: We are both obsessive people and we let running a business consume us
to the point that we were no longer taking care of ourselves. We have
been dedicating pretty much every waking moment to Fiendies for the past
4 years. We tried to do literally everything ourselves, we designed
everything, ran our own laser which requires tons of maintenance, screen
printed our packaging, totes & zipper pouches, created our own silicone
molds for resin, candles & candy, poured all the candles all in addition
to doing all the normal business stuff. I am a perfectionist as well so
it was hard to let any tasks go and when ever we tried to outsource it
just wasn’t up to our standard.

2: As the business grew we just worked harder - we were not prepared to
turn into a full blown spirit board manufacturer which is ultimately
what happened.
There are consequences working with “art supplies” chemicals daily, even
with the right protection the black wood dust created while crafting was
inescapable and unhealthy. Kyle, who was doing all the sanding and
cutting of the wood had a health scare due to breathing in too much of
the wood dust even though we wear respirators while working. Not only
are the chemicals bad but handcrafting is physically exhausting, each
and every wooden item went through a 15 step process to achieve our
Fiendish quality. This is just no longer maintainable.

3: The Occult/Halloween community as a whole is very strange as everyone
likes to say they support independent creativity - but all we have been
continuously met with is rip off after rip off of our designs and our
brand as a whole. Again - something we never really talked about but I
(Nicole) am a graphic artist so every single piece we created was
designed from scratch - no templates, no purchased graphics and for some
reason others think its okay to take our original creations and slap
some other crap on top and call it theirs. The planchette shape we
created has now become standard which in some ways is exciting but in
most ways its just disappointing to see the lack of originality within
the community. The most disappointing thing about all of this is it
happened to us from people we met in real life and or were “friends” with
on IG. Additionally, others that are much bigger than us in this community 
freely just take from us and act as if we don’t exist. I understand this
is the nature of the internet but it gets emotionally exhausting seeing
your art ripped off daily especially when we worked so hard to come up
with our original designs. This tiny niche market has now become so over
saturated with copy-cats that it makes our business less profitable and
no longer enjoyable.

Running Fiendies has taught us so much and we got to interact and
meet so many great people.

We seriously can not thank all of you enough for the support you have
shown our small handcrafted business!
Sincerely with all our hearts -
Nicole & Kyle